Innovation and Business Design

PolyFrame serves as a fractional creative partner for pre-seed to Series A  startups to build a scalable design foundation for their brand, products, and services.

We work across a variety of industries including healthcare, MedTech, pharma, manufacturing, and social impact with a perspective grounded on understandings of markets, scalability principles, human psychology, and product design to deeply understand the needs of users, identify pain points, and devise unique solutions to drive business growth.

design services, Design + Innovation strategy, fundraising pitch decks, venture capital network


Providence, Boston, New York
design services, Design + Innovation strategy, fundraising pitch decks, venture capital network

Intus Care is a healthcare analytics startup that synthesizes data to identify risks, visualize trends, and optimize care for the elderly. PolyFrame has served as their creative partner from pre-seed to series A growth.

PolyFrame’s work on Intus Care’s pitch deck helped the company close $2.5m of their $3.5m seed round in 2021 through presentation design and innovation strategy work.


Rhode Island
Brand Identity, Pitch Deck, Brand Narrative

In collaboration with: Weston wittry

MindImmune is a pharmaceutical company that has discovered the immune mechanism causing the synaptic attack underlying the cognitive symptoms and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

PolyFrame provided presentation design services, branding, innovation strategy, and narrative work in current efforts to close a bridge round following their $12.4m Series A.


Brand Identity, Pitch Deck, INNOVATION STRATEGY, Brand Narrative

Q2Behave is a wearable device startup intended to deliver positive reinforcement for desired behavior in children with ADHD.

In partnership with the New England Medical Innovation Company, PolyFrame provided innovation consulting services as well as a presentation system later used to help the company win the 2022 RI Business Competition.


Rhode Island

ResusciTech is a New England based medical software company developing the first CPR certification course for non-medical-professionals that is both remote and regulation compliant. This promising innovation has already helped train over 10,000 individuals across a variety of industries.

PolyFrame has served as creative partners helping the company prepare for investment in order to scale their operations to serve companies and their users nationwide.